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Whole Life Insurance

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Protects Your Family and Loved Ones in Unexpected Times of Crisis.

Whole Life Protection

Whole life insurance is for your “whole life”, as long as the policy is kept in force.

Whole life polices feature life long protection, guaranteed premiums, a guaranteed death benefit, and a cash value account.


Cash Value Account
The cash value account can grow each year and grows tax deferred. The cash value can even be borrowed against to help with emergencies or when times get tough.

 Whole life insurance is a permanent plan that guarantees a death benefit in exchange for regular premium payments.  Since it is permanent, a whole life insurance policy doesn’t expire.  Whole life insurance features a savings component that builds

cash value.  The insured can use the money saved in the policy’s account to cover urgent financial needs.  Whole life insurance has many features and can be used in multiple ways.  The policy’s account builds regular cash value by investing a part of the money paid as premiums.  The generated interest will help the amount grow.  Whole life insurance plans can provide many benefits for families.  It is best used to financially secure the future of financial dependent family members like children.  The policy will pay a death benefit after the insured dies.  This benefit an be used by the surviving family members to cover important expenses like funerals, mortgage loans, college tuition costs and other daily living expenses.  Whole life insurance combines two important features into one policy: a savings account and life coverage, A policy will protect family members and at the same time generate a cash income.

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